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Dedicated to quality service 24/7 worldwide. Specialized in high-tech marine electronic parts and services, fully integrated for commercial, shipping, and offshore/onshore industries.


System configuration and engineering including installation and commissioning for internal and external communications package

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NAVTOR Distributors

Officially licensed distributors for NAVTOR AS Norway suite of products for all your E-Navigation solutions, integrated environmental regulations, and fleet performance tracking

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Turnkey servicing from supply & engineering to project management, installation and integration, service &maintenance, & training of operating personnel

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Licensed distributors of the Wave Monitors– a series of well-designed, rugged touchscreen LED displays with all the required marine approvals. The Wave XL 46-inch is the first of its kind to pass the demanding IEC 60945 approval, allowing it to be mounted on the bridge as part of mission-critical systems. It is suitable for any marine application such as digital route planning, radar, ECDIS, conning, etc. with the intuitive interface of an iPad.

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